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Slow Charger


Our slow chargers use AC 220V, 60Hz and take approximately 4 to 5 hours to recharge our vehicles with 7kw capacity per port.
Choose from 1 port to 3 port options. Depending on the number of vehicles you have, you can charge one, two, and three at the same time.
In addition, the charging and payment functions allow the collection of charges from users, enabling economical and reasonable operation.



  • Application
    - Provide charger location information
    - Individual payment via the user's smartphone
    - Check charging history by user
  • User Authentication Method
    - Smartphone application

  • Cost savings
    - 1 charger for up to 3 vehicles
     : Suitable for the installation of communal housing
    and commercial buildings
     : Can be used jointly with other residents
     : Eliminate the problem of securing parking spaces
    exclusively for electric vehicles.
  • Safety
    - Obtain KC safety certification
    - Attach the emergency stop button
    - Support for product protection grade IP44