ecarPlug management policy

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Management policy

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    Happinessful joint growth of employees
    and interested parties (corporate culture)

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    Human-focused management, with talents
    as the company’s greatest asset

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    Customer’s satisfaction
    from employee’s satisfaction

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    Differentiation through
    creative innovation

Vision and mission

  • Mission : Lead the charger industry with new ideas and endless technical innovation,
    creating cost-effective electric car chargers
    and providing a convenient charging service platform to consumers.

    • Mission

    • Vision

    미션과 비전
  • Vision: Lead the e-mobility era and
    create a clean natural environment.

Corporate culture


Corporate culture

  • Happiness and joint growth of employees and interested parties (staff, customers, shareholders, society)
  • People are the company’s assets. Form a culture and balance between work and family
  • An efficient and smart work environment with flexible work hours

Code of ethics

Build standards for decision making and actions in all management activity
(Basic ethics of employees, attitude towards customers, responsibility towards shareholders, role in society)

윤리강령 실천지침

Code of ethics instructions

Provide a set of standards for judgement and behaviors under conflicted compliance issues which can be happened so that the code of ethics can be properly understood

  • A venture company that leads family values, work-life balance and lateral communication
  • We will always be with our customers side by side .
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