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Slow charger

LPx Series


Light pole charger
•Easy-to-install pre structured on streetlights.
•Installed in street lamp control panel
 -ex) parking lots, roadside
•Connected to the main control system (by LAN or BLE) or Operated in independent mode
•B-type Socket Outlet
•High tolerance in wide ranges of temperature and humidity
•User Interface : Voice guidance information, RFID, Smart Phone APP
•Strong design against external impact
•Support dual connections through mobile modem and mobile phone(APP) in parallel
•Size: 110 mm (W) x 325 mm (H) x 100 mm (D)
  • Specification

    Classification Detailed standards    
    Rating Input Single-phase AC 220V, 32A(7kW)    
    Output Single-phase AC 220V, 0~32A(7kW)    
    Rating range ±10%    
    Frequency 60Hz    
    Environmental conditions Temperature -25℃ ~ 40℃    
    Humidity 5% ~ 95% (there must be no dewiness)    
    Protection grade IP44    
    Safety Overvoltage Output cut-off    
    Overcurrent Output cut-off    
    User authentication type RFID card or smartphone app (Bluetooth available)    
    User interface LED Displays standby, charging, error states    
    Voice guidance Charger status and user guidance    
    Smart Phone User authentication, charging fee, payment function
    viewing function for charging fees, charging history, location, etc.
    Size 110mm (W) × 325mm (H) × 100mm (D)  


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